About Us

RKS builder was started in the year 1995 and its a professionally managed property developing company that has placed clients satisfaction above every thing. Started has a small reality company and entered the field of construction in the year 2011.

The company is managed by team of engineers and highly qualified and experienced staff who were strived to keeps its commitment and gains the clients reputation. With the successful completion of our first project we earned a tag of being an eminent builder in the field of construction.

RKP builders inaugural project RPK Vigneshvara Homes - Ambattur was a true testament to our quality of the work we do, which puts us on top of the builders. More success followed along. RKP builders is currently involved in various projects which are almost in stage of completion

Customer is the most important to us. RKP Builders and Promoters finished projects economic cost, time and Quality. If customer agreed to be used latest economy material.

Vision and Mission


The name for Construction Company and to grow into a globally accepted and trusted construction company to achieve development and support and service provider with innovative and cost effective solutions for challenging situations.


To build and develop cross-technological and cross cultural talent with passion, dedication and commitment towards client delightedness all under one roof for construction needs.